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Water Damage Menifee

Solving the challenges presented by a ceiling leak, water heater loss, toilet overflow or any other form of home disaster requires specialization and expertise at a professional level and that is why people rely on the skill of 911 Restoration Riverside owners Cornel and Claudia Lacatus, as well as their water damage Menifee team.

Water Damage Restoration Technician With Gas MaskTaking care of homes that have been affected by water damage requires that action be taken extremely quickly to mitigate continued loss.

“This is why my team and I can be anywhere to start the water extraction process within 45 minutes,” Cornel says. “This gives us the ability to stem the flow of damage from the water as well as prevent that water from allowing a mold contamination to take hold.”

In addition to being at the site of a water damage disaster quickly, Cornel, Claudia and the water damage Menifee crew are also available 24/7/365 for whenever a disaster pops up.

“We never want people to have to wait for anything when water damage has taken over in their home or business,” Claudia says. “And that is why we make sure to always put the needs of the customer as priority number one in every situation.”

If your home is already experiencing the effects of a water damage event, then don’t wait for it to grow mold too. Contact Cornel, Claudia, and the water damage Menifee team with 911 Restoration Riverside today and let them help with everything!

Water Damage Prevention Measures Amount to Maintenance

Cornel, Claudia, and the water damage Menifee team with 911 Restoration Riverside are the best in the business when it comes to alleviating the effects produced during a water damage incident, but they are also highly adept at helping people to solve such situations too.

Water Damage Restoration Drywall Damage“When there is an uptick in the weather, we get swamped with calls from both people who need help with a new water damage incident, as well as people who just want to know what can be done to protect their property in case it happens,” Claudia says. “And that is precisely why we came up with a list of all the ways that people can protect their property no matter what springs up.”

  • Keep your gutters and downspouts totally free of any clogs, debris and gunk that might impede a flow of water. This will help to prevent overflow situations which can swamp your roof and force water damage into your attic or upper floors.
  • Never forget to take a look at the hoses, fittings, connectors and any other linking pieces in your water-based appliances and check for wear and tear. Replacing these pieces is cheap and easy and it can save a ton when preventing water damage down the road.
  • Allow yourself the time ever year to inspect the trees around your property to spot any dead limbs that might fall and impale your roof. If this happens it can cause huge amounts of water damage in the interior and all during a storm too.
  • Let a restoration professional or plumbing expert come and inspect your whole system for any obstructions or barriers that may cause a larger water damage situation down the road.

“This is a great list of some of the top reasons for water damage and their solutions,” Cornel says. “But there are plenty of other ways that people can protect their home and if anyone should have continued questions, then they should give us a call and ask anything they’d like to learn more about”

Don’t allow a ceiling leak, water heater failure or toilet overflow to flood you out of your home. Contact Cornel, Claudia and the water damage Menifee professionals with 911 Restoration Riverside and get all the help you and your home need today!

Leaking Aquarium Causes Livingroom Water Damage Incident

Claudia, Cornel, and the water damage Menifee team with 911 Restoration Riverside have grown to become the most trusted, capable and respected water extraction professionals in the area, and that is why they were the first call made by a recent homeowner with a leaking aquarium.

Water Damage Restoration Truck And Van And SUV“When we took the call we knew immediately that this would be a challenging job,” Claudia says. “But that was never going to stop us, and we went straight over to assess the situation.”

When Cornel, Claudia and the water damage Menifee crew got to the home they immediately implanted water extraction equipment to eliminate the water that had already leaked out.

“Fortunately the homeowner and aquarium enthusiast already stopped the leak in the tank, and so we simply had to eliminate what had spilled from their floors and drywall,” Cornel says. “That made the project easier, but since this wasn’t an insurance claim situation, we really had to make every move count to save the homeowner money.”

Cornel, Claudia, and the water damage Menifee team eliminated all the standing water, and even did it at an truly affordable price too.

If your home is already amid a water damage challenge from an aquarium loss, water heater failure, toilet overflow or ceiling leak, then don’t wait another minute for it to grow mold too.

Contact Cornel, Claudia and the water damage Menifee team with 911 Restoration Riverside and let them handle everything for you efficiently and at a great value today!

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