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Water Damage Perris

Eliminating the many different variables presented by a ceiling leak, water heater loss, or even a toilet overflow is technical work and that is why people trust in the professionalism of 911 Restoration Riverside owners Cornel and Claudia Lacatus, as well as their water damage Perris team to get things done right.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Doing Final ChecksTaking care of a home during a water damage crisis involves quick timing and that is why Cornel and Claudia are able to arrive within 45 minutes to get started saving the structure.

“My team and I are extremely fast to a project site when we get a call,” Cornel says. “That really helps when it comes down to a water damage situation because the longer standing water sits, the greater chance it has to grow a mold contamination and cause more damage.”

Not only can Cornel and Claudia get to a project quickly, but they can also do so at any time of the day or night an emergency springs up.

“We are always available 24/7/365 for just such water damage incidents,” Claudia says. “We get how an emergency doesn’t happen when it’s convenient for people, and we make sure to be there during their time of need to take care of everything including their peace of mind too.”

Cornel and Claudia are such professionals that they bring all of the latest drying technology and extraction equipment to the job site so that they can handle anything that arises.

If your home is already being influenced by a water damage event from a ceiling leak, toilet overflow or even a water heater loss, then don’t wait for it to grow mold too.

Contact Claudia and Cornel, along with their water damage Perris team at 911 Restoration Riverside and get everything taken care of today!

Preventing Ceiling Leaks and Other Water Damage Sources with Maintenance

Cornel and Claudia are the go-to source for water damage repair and services in the area and this is why they have also grown to be the go-to source for advice on how to prevent such situations too.

“The phone doesn’t stop ringing when the weather starts to pick up,” Cornel says. “And we take a lot of calls from people who simply want to know what they can do to keep their property safe from water damage and the storms in general. That’s why we created a list of all the things people can do to keep their home high and dry no matter what.”

  • Water Damage Restoration In Progress For DenMake sure to check your gutters and downspouts every year before the rain starts. This will prevent overflow situations from happening that can cause massive water damage in your home or business by separating and spreading the layers in the roof that protect the inside.
  • Check on the shingles that line your roof from the ground. If you see any that are missing, displaced, or damaged, then have them replaced immediately so that water can’t find a way into your property and cause you water damage.
  • Inspect the trees that line your property and make sure that there aren’t any dead branches that might fall off and onto your home in high wind and rain. These can impale the roof line and force storm water into your home causing massive water damage wherever it comes in contact.
  • Have a restoration or plumbing professional inspect your entire property and piping system to spot any small problems before they become major water damage challenges.

“This is a short list of the more common sources of water damage and ceiling leaks and the ways to prevent them, but there are plenty of other ways and if people have any questions, they should give us a buzz and find out more.” Claudia says.

Don’t let your home overflow with water damage from a ceiling leak or toilet overflow. Contact Claudia, Cornel, and the water damage Perris team with 911 Restoration Riverside immediately and have all of it taken care of today!

Water Heater Malfunction Causes Soaked Carpeting Water Damage

Cornel and Claudia provide excellent restoration services, and this has made them the go-to source for all things water damage related in the Perris area, and that is why they were the first call that a homeowner made when their water heater gave out.

Water Damage Restoration Truck At Job Site“The homeowner called us and asked that we come over immediately,” Cornel says. “And even though it had just rained and we were already working 18 hour days fixing flooding all over, we still showed up and took care of the issue within an hour of the call.”

Cornel, Claudia, and the water damage Perris team got straight to work and eliminated the effects of the water heater failure on the homeowner’s carpeting and hardwood floors.

“We extracted all of the category two carpet flood waters and then set up our drying machines, air movers and dehumidifiers so that we could completely air the place out,” Claudia says. “That way there was no chance a mold contamination would start up in any of the affected areas.”

If your home has recently been through a water damage event from a ceiling leak, water heater failure, or even a toilet overflow, then don’t wait until to grows mold too.

Contact Claudia, Cornel and the water damage Perris team with 911 Restoration Riverside today and let them take care of it all for you immediately!

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