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Canyon Fire Causes Corona Residents To Evacuate

Published by Jennifer on October 1, 2017 in category: Uncategorized

Residents of Corona were forced to evacuate their homes when a fire in the Santa Ana Mountains raged across 2,000 acres, threatening to destroy homes and businesses in the community.

On Monday night 1,500 people had taken shelter at the local high school to wait out the blaze overnight while helicopters dropped water on the Canyon fire into Tuesday evening. Firefighters battled against the heat of a 90 degree day and 30 mph winds, conditions that only fueled the flames further.

Evacuees were ordered to spend the night away from their homes, while efforts were still being made to put out the fire all through the night. By Tuesday afternoon the firefighters had only contained the the fire by 15 percent.

The dry, hot weather served to create tinder for the fire, allowing it to burn more than 2,000 acres throughout Riverside County and Orange County. The gusty winds that came when the sun set caused the flames to shift directions, creating an even bigger challenge for firefighters.

Officials are still not clear on how the fire was started, but fortunately there have been no reported injuries at this time.

Seasonal fires like this are not rare during this time of year, which is why it is so important for homeowners to be prepared ahead of time. Below are some ways you can protect your property and yourself when you’re faced with a fire.

Know What To Do When A Fire Affects Your Community

Since fires can strike at any time you need to be prepared for them all year round.  Even if it is not fire season, electrical issues, kitchen fires and even just human error can create blazes in your home or business. In order to always be on guard, 911 Restoration offers some tips to stay safe when your property is set aflame.

  • Always keep smoke detectors installed in all rooms of the home. Make sure to test them regularly and annually replace the batteries.
  • Keep everyone in the home, including children, aware of what fire alarms sound like and explain to them what to do if they hear one going off.
  • Plan an escape route and go over it with your children. Make sure everyone knows how to safely get out of the home from any room in the property and where they should meet once they are out of the home.
  • If for some reason you are not able to meet up in the established area, have an alternative spot to go once you have exited the property, such as a designated neighbors home.
  • Practice your escape route a couple times of year by literally setting off the smoke alarm and alerting everyone that there is a fire and they need to evacuate.
  • Tell your children about 9-1-1 and tell him how and when they should call it.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of “stop, drop and roll” if their clothes catch on fire.

By following these techniques you will greatly increase your chances of successfully escaping your home during an unexpected fire.

Understanding Fire Insurance For Your Home Or Business

If the structure of your home or business has been damaged by a fire, then your homeowner’s insurance will provide enough coverage to repair your property. When deciding on your policy it is important to remember to purchase enough coverage to rebuild your entire home.

When it comes to your possessions, most insurance policies cover between 50 and 70 percent of the amount allotted to covering the damage done to the structure of the home, however this will vary from policy to policy.

It is also possible to purchase fire insurance. This would be a completely separate insurance policy from your homeowner’s insurance.

This type of insurance covers above and beyond what your standard policy covers, meaning that not only would it cover the damage done to your home, but nearby structures as well, such as gazebos, detached garages and sheds. It would also cover personal items and the cost of living outside of your home while it is being rebuilt.

Depending on where you live and if fires are more prevalent in your area or not, may determine whether or not your feel it is necessary to purchase this additional insurance policy.

911 Restoration works with all types of insurance companies and are happy to go over your policy with you to determine exactly what type of coverage your policy offers. Our staff will even file your claim for you, if need be, so you can focus on you and your family during the aftermath of fire and smoke damage.

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