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Mold Removal

911 Restoration Riverside brings the trifecta of technicians that are available 24/7/365, a response time of within 45 minutes, and same day service to deliver homeowners a fresh start in the face of mold removal Riverside requirements.

Water Damage Restoration Technician In CrawlspaceThe dynamic duo Cornel and Claudia Lacatus, owners of the branch, believe that, “homeowners only deserve the best in restoration services. When they encounter mold and their peace of mind becomes compromised, our mold removal Riverside team is there fast.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and 911 Restoration brings that better than anyone else.”

Our reliable and trustworthy professionals have seen it all in our years of experience.

From mold caused by water drainage to water damage disaster, your second chance starts the moment you call us.

If you’re in need of stability and well-rounded solutions, then you have come to the right people. Call 911 Restoration for affordable solutions today!

Mold Prevention Measures

The leading cause of mold infestation in the nation is untreated water damage. Our mold removal Riverside team is here to lend a helping hand with disaster responses, in order to help you save cost and keep cool in a water accident.

  • Water Damage In BasementBecome familiar with pipes. They run throughout your home under cabinets, through walls, in crawl spaces, and above rooms. Knowing where to check for leaks, and calling us if you find them, saves you time and money.
  • Know where the shut off valve for the water in your home is. In the event of a pipe burst, you can turn off the water. This curbs the amount of water damage, and prevents fewer mold spores from growing.
  • Check hoses often, and replace as need be. Appliances that hook up to water, such as washing machines, can run just fine and still be leaking water. Therefore, you can prevent big damage by just being proactive.

We take the worries off your hand, and set you up for a fresh start, guaranteed, so if you encounter any water issues or mold, give us a call today!

Leading Mold Removal by Supporting Homeowners

On a particular humid day, a riverside homeowner was hanging out in his air-conditioned room. Occasionally, he would catch a whiff of a pungent and overbearing smell.

Concerned, he checked an air vent in his living space, and discovered remnants of a furry black substance. Logically, he decided to blast the space with some bleach, and he wiped it away, but the smell persisted.

Water Damage Restoration Vans ParkedWith a possible mold problem in mind, he called the mold removal Riverside team at 911 Restoration.

Our IICRC certified technicians arrived at his house within the hour, and provided him a free visual home inspection. They noticed discoloration around his ceiling, and they knew that the mold source was coming from the same thing that caused the color changes.

Using an infrared camera, our mold decontamination team was able to peer into the ceiling and discover cool blue spots. The spots were signs that there was evaporation and humidity occurring, therefore there was trapped water between his ceiling and roof.

As it turns out our team was able to identify that the water came from holes in the roof that allowed rain in earlier in the year.

We began the restoration procedure by running dryers and blowers to the ceiling in order to get the water out. After that, we create an air cycling system by using air scrubbers and an HVAC unit. This prevented mold spores from manifesting themselves to elsewhere in the home.

It was important to replace old drywall with fresh new drywall, and we painted over it with paint that inhibits microorganism from growing.

The best part, due to the mold cause being pre-existing water damage, the homeowner was able to get a revamped roof, and a state of the art air conditioning system. All covered by the insurance.

If you find mold in your home, contact our mold removal Riverside experts with 911 Restoration Riverside for all the best services in the industry today!

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